Cobalt Octopus

Cobalt Whale Tale

XL Aqua_Gold Bowl

Dare to Differ

Black/White Votive

Black/White Art Disks

XL White Coral Bowl and Vases

Aqua/Blue/White Art Disks

Caribbean Blue Coral Vase

Black/Teal Cheese Platter

Black Vase with Dicroic

Black/White Vase

Peaceful Beach

Aquarium Vase

Coming and Going

Clam Bowl

White Candy Dish with Cobalt Accent

Turquoise/Vanilla Wine Chiller

Turquoise/Iridescent Fracture Wine Chiller


Wine Chiller Handkerchief

Art Disks

Green Fish

Heron in Marsh

Changing in the Past

Tami's Cottage

Turquoise & White Plate

Peaceful Beach

Nautical Circus

Sea Queen

See Horses

Egret in Marsh

Dinner Time

The Nursery



Large Coral Bowl-Teal Gray

Large Coral Bowl-Caribbean colors

Coral Votive Candle Holder-Teal/Gray

Double Coral Vase-Vanilla/Green

Coral Votive Candle Holder-Cobalt/lime

Medium, Tall Coral Bowl-Black/White

Medium, Tall Coral Bowl-Teal/Gray

Medium, wide Coral Bowl-Orange/Red

Large Swirled Wine Chiller-Vanilla/Sea Blue Iridescent

Raku-style Swirled Vase-Iridescent

Swirled Vase-Cobalt Blue/White

Swirl Vase-Aqua/Gold

"Candi's Turtle"

"Red Snappers"

"Solo Journey"

"Stalking the Marsh"

"Swimming with Friends"

"Simple Life"

"Smooth Flight"

"Sea of Diversity"

"Original Fins"

"Jellies on the Current"

"Exploring with a Friend"

"Angels in the Dark"

"A Guide Across the Sea"

"My Little Angels"


"Open Sea Jellies"

Large Wall Vase-Lavender Flowers

Wall vase set-Cobalt/lime green

Small Wall Vase-Blue Hombree

Small Wall Vase-Yellow Confetti

"Relief on the Savanna"

Candy Dish-Steel Blue/White

Snack Set-Vanilla/Turquoise

Snack Set-Steel Blue/White

Large Platter-"Night Latitudes"

Blue Daisies

"Around the Beach"


Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Teal/White Flowers


Beach Windchime

Fish Sun Catcher

The following pictures are of art commissioned by clients

Nautical Circus